Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

We had a wonderful Christmas!  My parents have been here visiting since last Thursday.  We love spending time with them and the boys have had the best time.  

Our family of four!

Nana, Grand-dad and Uncle Matt with the boys.

Ryan helped make the birthday cake for Jesus.  I love this tradition with Ryan.  We celebrate Santa in our house but I always want my boys to remember that Jesus' birth is the reason we celebrate Christmas.

Nana spending time with Colton. 

We went to the Christmas Eve service at church Monday night.  Colton went to the nursery but Ryan went to "big church" with us.  He LOVED it and did SO good.  Last year I remember he wanted nothing to do with the church service and did not want to sit still.  This year he was mesmerized with the instruments and music.  He wanted to bring his toddler Bible to church and he looked at it during the short sermon.  He did so good.  I was so proud of him.  

We came home from church and ate pizza, , gave the boys baths and opened a few presents.  

The boys were so excited to open presents.  At the young age of three Ryan was already begging to open presents on Christmas Eve. 

They loved everything and wanted to stay up and play with their new toys.  

Uncle Matt showing Colton his new toy.  

Once the boys were snuggled in their bed and asleep Santa went to work.  We had a few things to put together.  I was so excited for the boys to get up and see what Santa brought for them.  Ryan got new pajamas, books, a vacuum cleaner, an airplane and a car city play-set.  Colton got some books, a magna doodle, a ride on pirate ship and a stool with his name on it.  

Santa did well this year.  The boys LOVED everything they got.  Christmas morning they had a blast playing with everything.  

Christmas morning breakfast.  I made these amazing homemade cinnamon rolls and we made eggs, bacon and biscuits to go with it.  

Colton enjoying his new ride.

Some of Ryan's favorite new toys.  A lego tow-mater, a truck trailer and an airplane you put together and take apart.  

Christmas night we went over to my in-laws for Christmas dinner.  Ryan loved playing on the piano.   The Deepe boys gave their rendition of Jingle Bells.  

We had a delicious dinner then opened some presents.  Ryan was excited about his lincoln logs from Papau and Ya-ya.  

My sweet parents.  They stayed an extra day here since we got hit with snow this morning.  We didn't mind at all.  We have loved spending time with all our family this Christmas.  We are so blessed and thank God for another great year.  

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