Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Party

Last night we had our annual Mops leadership team Christmas party.  Our mentor mom Marti hosted us at her beautiful home.  We had the most delicious meal.  A few friends weren't able to make it because of illness but we had a wonderful time with everyone.  Above is Laura, Heather, Jayne, Marti and Nelda.

Emily and Lisa

Claudette and Monica.  Claudette brought her sweet sweet seven week old baby Chase.  He is the cutest and sweetest thing.  He is so chill and laid back.  And we couldn't believe Marti's husband Dave came home while we were eating dinner and offered to hold little Chase while we ate.  Chase fell asleep on his shoulder and he ended up holding him basically the rest of the night.  What a great husband.  

We did a gift exchange and it was so fun.  Laura was super excited about her cheese and wine.  She says she lives off them so it was perfect for Laura.  I "stole" a cute wristlet that I just adored.

Emily, Lisa, me and Laura

 I love these ladies so much and they each mean so much to me in my life.  They are seriously my lifeline.  They are an amazing group of women I am so proud to call them friends.

And just for the grandparents - my sweet little dumplings.  They are so sweet and cute.  We've had a busy week and they have been mostly good ;)  

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