Monday, December 17, 2012

Three and a half

Like most Americans I spent the weekend thinking and praying for Newtown, CT.  My heart is completely broken over this tragedy and I cannot even begin to imagine what these families are going through.  Friday I just watched the news and cried and cried.  I pray God will heal the brokenhearted and give strength to the weary.  God is our ever present hope in our time of need.

I feel like there has been so much sadness lately.  I realize more than ever the preciousness of life.  I've been hugging and kissing these two boys like crazy but I just love them so much.  

On Saturday Ryan turned three and a half! What in the world?  When did he get so big?  I cannot believe he will be turning four before I know it.  

He is doing so much and growing up into the sweetest little boy.  The age three has been so much better than two.  Two was rough.  I love three.  I love how interactive he is and how we can have a real conversation.  We still have tantrums but they are much fewer.  Ryan loves school and loves to pray for his teachers every night.  He talks constantly about his teachers and his friends at school.  

It's crazy I was so worried about his speech and now he talks non stop.  I LOVE to listen to him sing and talk in the car.  He says the funniest things.  The other day Colton was fussing in the car and I said "Colton please stop fussing" and Ryan said "mommy, don't yell at him, he's just tired".  I need to keep a running memo on my phone of the hilarious things he says.  

Ryan has such a sweet spirit about him and is really sweet.  He definitely takes being a big brother seriously.  He loves to tell me if Colton is doing something he shouldn't but he can be so sweet with him and loves to help him when he's struggling with something.  

I love these boys so much.  I am so blessed to be there momma and stay home everyday with them. 

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