Friday, December 28, 2012

Eighteen Month Check-Up

 This morning we had Colton's Eighteen month check up.  He weighs 21 pounds (5th percentile), 31 inches tall (15 percentile) and his head is in 15 percentile.  He is a little guy but he is growing steadily so that's good.  Ryan weighed 26 pounds at eighteen months.  

He is right on track developmentally and everything looked great.  The only concern was his speech.  He should be saying ten words and only says 5-6.  I remember Ryan was the same way at this age.  Ryan was a slow talking and talks non stop now so I'm not worrying at all.  He will talk when he's ready.  

The boys did great this morning.  Ryan's ears were all clear but Colton had some fluid.  We will keep a close eye and pray they don't become infected.  We are so thankful for a healthy and sweet baby boy.    

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