Friday, November 18, 2011

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Today I went to the gym to be tortured...I mean do my cardio workout class! After class we met my friend Jennifer and her son Bret at our favorite place, Chick-fil-A of course. Seriously, we are there at least once or twice a week. The food is fabulous and the service is unbeatable. The employees know me and the boys since they see us all the time.

I was getting a refill when we were there the other day and the manager asked me how the boys were. He sees us all the time and is always so helpful when my hands are full with two little guys. I don't think we could live somewhere that didn't have a CFA. I know, I'm obsessed!

Bret and Ryan had so much fun in the playground and LOVED their ice cream cones. Ryan was so funny. He promptly finished all six nuggets in his kids meal and asked for some ice cream!

I've been thinking about doing an advent Christmas calendar with Ryan this year but don't really know what to do! I need some fun ideas! Do you do an advent calendar with your kids? And if so what kinds of things do you do with it?

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