Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Alright, so I know this post is way over due! We just got home last night from Memphis where we celebrated Thanksgiving with my family. I was so glad we got to spend six days with my family. The boys got TONS of love from their sweet grandparents.

We always stay with my parents and it's like an invasion of the Deepe's, ha! Of course we travel with Annabelle and Gracie and now with two kiddos in tow it's a little crazy! We kind of just take over when we get there.

This was my mom's rocking chair and then mine and my brothers when we were kids. I was so excited to see Ryan and Colton sitting in it.

My 92 year old Granny holding Colton. It was her first time to meet Colton and she couldn't wait to hold him. I was so glad she got to hold him and feed him his bottles.
Thursday morning Matt and I got up early (well we got up early every day since Colton was still on Cincy time and woke around 6am). We got up early so we could run the Turkey Trot. It's a four mile race and lots of hills. Needless to say it's a tough run. I'm happy to say I ran most of it and I beat my time from last year. I finished 3 minutes better than last year. Woohoo!
We always have Thanksgiving lunch at my parents house with my aunt, uncle and cousins. We had all the fixins including turkey and dressing, PW mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, sweet potato casserole and rolls. I totally forgot to take a picture. It was so yummy and we were all stuffed after lunch. It was a great day of great food and sweet fellowship with family.

My parents were so generous to watch the boys some last week so Matt and I could go to the gym and go on some date nights. We enjoyed some VERY yummy Memphis BBQ. I never noticed before but Memphis has SO many restaurants and places to eat. We enjoyed some great eats but now it's back to eating better and working out.

Ryan had SO much fun with his grandparents. He loved crawling up in my dad's lap and watching mickey mouse. So sweet. And he loved wrestling with my brother Matt.

They also got in some sweet Colton time. My mom loved holding and feeding him. He is such a good baby! Both boys did awesome on the drive down. The drive home yesterday was a little tougher. I think both boys were exhausted as were Matt and I.
Colton's schedule was so out of whack while we were in Memphis. He would wake up about 6am every day. When we are home he sleeps til 7:15/7:30 so 6am came waaay too early. Today we chilled at home and I did tons of laundry and dug out some Christmas decorations. I feel so behind since we don't have much Christmas stuff up. Planning on getting the Christmas tree up this weekend.

Today Colton fell right back into his schedule with such ease. I was worried that it would take a few days for him to adjust but he surprised me and napped and ate so well.

It was an awesome week with family and I can't wait to see them again in a few weeks for Christmas. How is it Christmas already??? I've got all the boys gifts done and just have a couple more people to mark off my list. Cannot believe Christmas is really here!

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