Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cereal and Pajamas

We finally started Colton on rice cereal tonight. I started Ryan at four months but have been waiting with Colton for some reason. I was going to start him on cereal a couple weeks ago but he wasn't taking to it well and with traveling over Thanksgiving I thought it best to wait til things calmed down.

At first Colton wasn't too sure about this cereal thing but after a few bits he was wanting more. It took Ryan a long time to figure out the whole spoon feeding thing. He did the tongue thrust for a long time. I remember thinking he was never going to get it but of course he caught on.

Colton did well for his first feeding. Of course most ended up on his bib but he did get some down. And he took an 8 oz bottle after that.
Ryan was curious about Colton's rice cereal. Maybe one day Ryan can feed him but I think that will be awhile, ha!

Ryan was sporting his brand new pajamas tonight. They are called escapee-jays!!! Last week when we were in Memphis Ryan slept in the pack n play. On saturday when Matt went to get him from his nap he found him completely naked, including his DIRTY diaper!!! My worst nightmare come true!!! There was poop on everything! Ugh!!!! Matt was so helpful and cleaned up the pack n play while I got Ryan in the bath and cleaned up.

I had heard about these pajamas called escapee-jays. They are "escape free" pajamas that zip up the back. I honestly think he's taking his clothes off because he has figured out he can take them off and it's something new! I'm praying these new pj's do the trick. Nonetheless he looks super cute in them!

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