Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So Big

This morning we went over to our friend Anissa's house to play with Elizabeth and Quinn. Ryan had a blast playing with Elizabeth and all her toys! They are so funny! I was getting Colton ready to go and Anissa was feeding Quinn when these two little trouble makers snuck upstairs and climbed in Elizabeth's bed. They were giggling and so cute. Ryan saw the cd player on the dresser and said "music, music" signally me to turn the music on so he could nap. Hilarious!!! We were laughing so hard!
These two are getting so big I can hardly believe it!
This afternoon we were watching Ryan's new favorite show Bubble Guppies and both boys wanted to sit in my lap. Sweet Ryan always wants to sit in my lap when I sit on the floor. And Colton is usually playing on the floor or in his jumper. And of course Annabelle and Gracie usually come over and want some love and attention as well. It's tough keeping everyone happy!!!

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