Thursday, January 31, 2013

Month in Review

 So many friend have asked me how I'm adjusting to our new reality and how Matt is doing in school!  I thought it might be good, since this is a record of our daily life, to give a little month in update.  

I'll start by first saying Matt is going great in school.  For those that know him that is no surprise.  Matt is so smart and a great student.  He is very disciplined and definitely giving it 100%.  So far he's gotten all A's on all his tests!  Im praying hard that our kids take after him and are good students.  I'm a terrible student and always struggled in school.  

On the home front we are adjusting and enjoying having Matt around a lot more during the day!  When he was working he usually left before the boys and I got up for the day so we didn't see him til he got home around 6pm.  I love seeing him in the morning and I know the boys are loving seeing their daddy in the morning!

It's definitely an adjustment to him studying at night and on the weekend.  Thankfully he is really disciplined and still makes time for family.  

So far Matt is enjoying accounting.  My prayer over the next few months is that he would continue to love and do well in school!  I pray God would confirm this calling on his life!

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