Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I've gone back and forth about writing this post.  Sometimes you don't always know what is going on in someone's life.  I thought it might help anymore who is struggling with a career change or just life change in general.  

Matt has been a mechanical engineer for seven years.  For the last two years he has really struggled with being happy at his job and trying to figure out what his passion is.  He has always been really good at math and science (which I guess is part of how he ended up in engineering).  

Last January Matt decided he wanted to become a certified personal trainer!  After lots of studying he became a NASM certified personal trainer!  He loves working out and loves helping people.  Fitness is a true passion for him and I'm excited to see where it will take him.

Well that's not the end of the story!!

 He was still struggling with engineering and didn't find fulfillment in his job.  After a loooong search including career counseling, talking and shadowing professionals, and lots of prayers Matt has decided to pursue a masters degree in accounting.  Since I've know Matt i knew he would be great at anything in finance.  He does all our bills and taxes...and loves it!  I LOATHE it!  I hate the "B" word - Budget! Ugh! I'm not very good at staying on a budget but with our new reality It's not a choice.  

Matt started classes yesterday.  It's hard to believe he's a student again.  He said he feels old, haha!  He is in a two year program!  That's really not a long time when you put it in perspective and are doing what your passionate about.   And Matt is passionate about finances/taxes and helping others!

Of course this new adventure brings a lot of changes to our daily lives!  I'm used to Matt being at work all day and met and the boys doing our thing.  It will take a little getting used to but I'm sure with a little time we will get in our new groove.  I will say I enjoyed seeing him this morning at breakfast (he used to be gone to work by 6am).

I'm excited for him to chase his dream and so thankful God has opened the doors for him.  My prayer is that he would have confirmation that this is God's plan for him!  Matt is a great student so I know he will work hard and make great grades!


Angela said...

Good for him! And good luck- my husband graduates with his masters in May- not easy!
Can you write a post on your tips for weight loss or what has helped you? I am desperate!

Summer said...

Thanks so much Angela! Great idea! I will do a post tomorrow with some weight loss tips and how I lost weight!