Thursday, January 3, 2013

Books and Brothers

I mentioned earlier in the week that Matt has been sick with the flu since Sunday.  Fun times! Yeah, not fun taking care of two wild boys by myself and nursing a sick husband.  Thankfully, Matt is pretty self sufficient when he's sick but still it's hard when you have a man down.  

Santa brought this truck sticker book to Ryan for Christmas and all he wants to do lately is look at the book and tell me what each truck is called.  I don't think he even cares that they are stickers.  He just likes looking at them and pointing out what they are.  The other night he was telling daddy all about the trucks.  

This morning I took the boys to a indoor playground/bouncy house place.  Preschool doesn't start back up til next week so we needed to get out of the house and go somewhere besides the gym.  

Ryan had an absolute blast!  He loved it.  Colton had fun too but I'm convinced he is just at a hard age for this type of activity.  He is too small for the bouncy houses and he can play on the playground equipment some but I'm paranoid my baby is going to fall or get hurt.  Regardless, it was fun, just not sure we will be back in the near future.  

On the way home the boys were getting hungry for lunch and Colton started fussing.  The kid really only gets fussy when he's hungry or sick.  I knew he was starving and they had both worked up quit the appetite.  So Colton started fussing and Ryan reached his sweet little hand over to his brother to tell him it's ok, we are almost home.  Immediately Colton stopped and started laughing.  How sweet are they?  Seriously!  They can be fighting and tackling each other one minute and sweet as pie the next.  Oh I love it.  

This is Colton's cheese face.  He is so funny.  I pull out the camera and this is the face he gives me.  Cracks me up.  Oh I just love him!  This boy loves books!  Ryan didn't really start to like books til after he turned two, maybe closer to 3.  

Colton loves to bring me a book, crawl up in my lap and listen to me read a book.  He loves picture books.  Sometimes when he gets up in the morning, earlier than I would like, I will just sit with him in his chair in his room and look at books with him.  He loves it.  I hope he always has a love for books and reading.  

The boys playing with their favorite Santa toys this year - cars and trucks!  Of course they mostly fight over them but I'm thrilled to have a house full of matchbox cars and dump trucks.  Wouldn't want it any other way!

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Julie Rogers said...

This is the story of my life---trucks and cars;) Cute pictures!