Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hearts and Weight Loss

 I feel like I've got lots of projects going on around the house!  Maybe I'm looking at Pinterest too much but I love finding new with inexpensive ways to decorate or organize your home.  I found this beautiful felt valentine's wreath last year and knew I wanted to try it this year.  I couldn't wait to put my Christmas stuff away so I could get started on the wreath.  

I went to Hobby Lobby to gather all my supplies: an 11inch styrofoam wreath, some red felt and lots of pins.  All you do is cut out 2 inch diameter circles of felt.  Take a circle and fold it in half.  Then fold it again.  It should be in the shape of a cone now.  Take a straight pin and place it in the bottom corner of the cone.  Then pin it to your wreath.  It's very easy!  You just start pinning and see if you need more space between circles or closer together.  It takes a lot of circles but is so pretty and fun when you finish!  

So in the last year I've lost about 35 pounds.  A lot of people have noticed my weight loss and ask me what I'm doing and how i've lost so much weight.  This picture is right after I gave birth to Ryan.  Definitely my highest weight and a number I never want to see again!  

I started weight watchers right before I got pregnant with Colton.  I continued somewhat while I was pregnant knowing that I wanted to watch my portion sizes.  I lost the baby weight after Colton when he was about four months old but then I just hit a wall.  I couldn't lose any more.  So last January I decided to get serious about WW and really count every single point that I ate.  WW has helped me so much.  It helps me stay accountable and know the right portion size.  I like that you can eat anything just in moderations.  I do WW online and I love that.  I can keep track of my points online and even get great recipes.  

I have gone the the gym regularly for many years now.  I worked out during both pregnancies and of course after.  I love going to classes at the gym.  I go to circuit resistance training and I LOVE it. I stay motivated by the people in the class.  It's such a great total body workout.  On the days I don't go to the gym I run on the treadmill downstairs.  I used to loathe running but now I kinda like it.  I think the important thing is starting slow and just keep going.  

I stay motivated to workout because I've made it a part of my daily life.  I like a schedule and I like my days to be predictable.  Most of my weeks look the same so I have certain days I do the same fitness class then on the off days I run.  Many days I don't want to workout but I don't give myself the option to not workout.  It's a discipline and I know it's just something I have to do.  


Not So Newlyweds said...

Love the wreath and you look fabulous!!

Summer said...

Summer I love that wreath! I have one I bought that has red roses on it that looks really similar but I love this one you made! I want to do it! I think I am gonna once I get my joints in order to do it! Great Job girl and it looks fabulous on your blue door love it!

I think you look amazing, I thought you did after you had Ryan too! I am so proud of you girlfraaaaan and I am so tickled you are so tickled! My mom is on weight watchers and loves it. I am so unhappy with my weight for all the medicines and water etc. The Dr's. say I can't diet much for my body is so depleted of everything with the chemo etc., but I am gonna ask about weight watchers for it still gives you the right nutrition just smaller porportions which is what I need! I have an awesome treadmill and use to use it everyday while watching Oprah and I miss it so very much. I look at it and sigh. I can't use it because of my muscles but soon enough I will! I do believe I am gonna join weight watchers once I get the ok from my Dr. and my mom will be thrilled for she has wanted me to so badly. I think this post is for sure my motivation love! Hey would you be my supporter to hold me accountable to make sure I am doing it lol? I will let you know if the Dr.s give the ok! Thanks girl