Thursday, January 17, 2013

Say Cheese

We've had a great day!  This morning I dropped Ryan off at school and Colton and I headed to his 18 month photo session.  I love our photographer and even when the boys are melting down and I don't think there is any possible way she got good pictures she always comes through and gets the best pictures.  

We had a little mixup today because I thought we were meeting at her house and she thought we were meeting at my house.  Oops!  We ended up going to Krohn Conservatory.  I think it actually worked out better because Colton just walked around exploring everything.  I think Amy got some great pictures and I can't wait to see them.  

We came home and ate lunch and played a little before nap time.  They boys were being so silly and laughing.  They love playing together!  They fight a lot but they really love each other. 

I know this pic of Ryan is blurry but it's so cute I couldn't resist sharing.

I knew I had to make 2 dozen cookies this afternoon so I told myself I would use nap time to finish my cookies and not workout.  I put the boys down for their nap and set to work.  

I kept thinking that I needed to workout so I finished up the cookies and jumped on the treadmill about 4.  I ran about 3 miles and so glad I did.  It felt so good to get cookies done so I'm not up late tonight doing them and I got my workout in.  Win Win!  

I love this sweet cheesy boy.  He is saying and learning so many new things these days.  He loves to ask questions and wants to know how everything works.  He is growing up so fast and as he likes to say he's "SO big".  

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