Sunday, January 6, 2013

Family Dinner

Last night we went out to dinner with Matt's family.  His step brother Matthew and his girlfriend Hannah were in town visiting.  His other step brother Michael moved here with his girlfriend Melinda back in July to attend medical school at Univ of Cincinnati.  We are glad we get to see him more often.     

All thirteen of us at dinner.  Papau, Ya-ya, Nana Nicki, Erin and Brad, Michael and Melinda, Matthew and Hannah.   I can't believe there are this many of us.  

Aunt Erin and Colton.  The boys did amazing considering the service took a long time and it was past their bedtime.  We were there for two and a half hours and there were no meltdowns or tantrums.  Woohoo!  Success!  And everyone ate their dinner! Oh yeah!

Colton getting some Ya-ya love!

Nana Nicki, Ryan and Uncle Matthew
The restaurant had a guy playing guitar near our table so that provided some great entertainment for the boys.  They were glued to it.

Colton coloring next to Papau.  Colton did so well and enjoyed making everyone smile.  This boy knows he's cute!  It was a fun night and we can't wait for Matthew and Hannah's next visit.

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