Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Just Some Randoms

So yesterday Matt didn't have class since it was a holiday.  We loved having him home all day and hanging out when he wasn't studying.  We enjoyed an afternoon family snack time with some popcorn.    Fun times!

Today was Little Gym day for Colton and it was "Show Day" where the kids show off all the cool things they have done throughout the semester.  It was really cute.  They got to climb up on the "podium" and get their medal!  Cutest thing ever!

Colton loves his teacher Ms. Kate and checking out his new medal.  He has learned so much in Little Gym and I'm thankful we got to spend this one on one time together.  We are doing the same class this semester so it will be fun.  

Ryan got this shiner under his right eye at the gym yesterday.  When I went to pick him up the whole side of his face was red.  He wasn't crying and said it didn't hurt so I guess it looks worse than it really is.  Not really sure how it happened but he said something about playing in the maze play place so I'm guessing he fell on a corner or something.  

This sweet little boy helped me grocery shop after Little Gym.  He was like an adult going grocery shopping when your hungry.  He wanted everything he laid his eyes on. The goldfish snack I had was not satisfying his hunger! Ha!

And lastly I made these adorable strawberry cookies for a friend of a friend having a strawberry shortcake party.  So fun!

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