Thursday, October 11, 2012

Random Thought Thursday


Today has been a good and busy day!  Ryan had school this morning and I had Mops.  I snapped a picture of the boys before we headed out the door.  Seriously Colton is getting harder and harder to get a good picture.  He does not want to sit still for a millisecond and is one busy little boy.  He's still not walking so I think once he's walking but we are working on it.  At least then I can take a picture of him standing up.

Ryan has been so sweet and agreeable lately.  When I picked him up from school he was so excited to tell me all about chapel today and how they sang songs about Jesus.  Love, love, love!  Tonight at dinner I think he sang Jesus Loves Me about five times.  Never tire of hearing that!  I'm so glad he loves school and love seeing him get so excited.  

This week he has wanted to sit on the counter and help me make his pb&j for lunch!  I could seriously just eat him with a spoon!

 This little guy is getting so big!  When I start to feed him lunch he will eat what I put on his plate but as soon as he sees me give Ryan his pb&j he screams for a sandwich and will not stop til I give him one.  Lesson learned: feed him his veggies and meat before I feed Ryan.  Thankfully he always eats his fruit. And not only does he want a pb&j like his big brother he doesn't want it cut up into little squares, just 4 squares will do.  I think I cut up Ryan's sandwiches well past the age of two.  He is seriously getting too big, he needs to stop growing so fast!

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