Monday, October 8, 2012

Girls Weekend in Louisville

Saturday I went with three of my favorite friends to Louisville for the St. James Art Festival!  Jayne, Laura, Kristen and I left Cincy bright and early at 8AM and headed for the ville!  I have been through Louisville many, many times but it was my first real visit.  It is a beautiful town and seems like a great place to live and raise a family.  

It's funny how it's only an hour and a half SE of Cincy and many of the trees have not started changing colors yet.  They are beautiful yellow, orange and reds here.  I also noticed the southern accents - love them, miss them!!  I don't really consider Cincy the north necessarily but it's definitely not the south.  It's the midwest - the heart of America!

The St. James Festival is Ginormous.  Seriously, it was so big I don't think we even saw all of it.  There were all sorts of things from wooden crafts to photography to jewelry to VERY expensive paintings.  I didn't by anything but we came upon this booth wit the most adorable baby girl bows.  Oh my word, I was dying over them!  They were SO cute!  I almost bought them for baby girl Deepe's hope chest, ha, but I didn't.  

We seriously had SO much fun.  We laughed and giggled the whole day.  It was so great to get away for a girls day.  Thanks to our hubby's who watched the kiddos for the day so us moms could get away and have fun.  

I love blogging and I read a lot of blogs.  It's like it's own community and even though you haven't met a blogger, when you read about her family you feel like you know them.  Sunday I found out a fellow blogger, Julee from TheTurnerChannel, lost her husband tragically in a car accident on Saturday night.  You can read more here.  My heart has been SO heavy for them and I cannot stop thinking about Julee, her 10 month old baby Preslee and her family.  Please lift them all up in prayer!  


Caroline said...

I was in Louisville last week for work. Maybe we should have stayed. :)

Summer said...

It was so fun! You definitely should have stayed ;) Maybe next year!