Friday, October 26, 2012

Park Day and Halloween Costumes

We had the best time at the park this morning.  I'm afraid it might be one of our last park days until spring.  The rain held off this morning just long enough to have some fun with friends.  

Colton seriously had the BEST time today.  He was climbing all over the playground.  And he was totally fearless.  Oh boy!  I was chasing him every where and he would just giggle and giggle. 

Ryan enjoyed playing, climbing and sliding too.  He played so hard.  After the park we went to CFA for lunch with our friends.  The boys were wore out and both took a long afternoon naps.  
(This pic below is Ryan saying "I DID IT" as he climbed to the top)

So Kelly, over at Kelly's Korner, is hosting Show Us Your Halloween Costumes.  I thought it would be fun to take a look back at past Halloweens.  

When Ryan was just over four months old he was this adorable pumpkin.

He was a monkey when he was 16 months old.  He was the cutest monkey.  He refused to wear the hat.  

Last year Colton was a pumpkin and Ryan was a fireman.

Ryan was the cutest fireman ever.  Later I thought I should have dressed Colton as a dalmation dog but oh well.  I can't bring myself to spend a lot of money on halloween costumes that they will wear once, maybe twice.  I do love to dress them up and take adorable pictures.  

Can't wait to dress up the boys this week!

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