Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Fall Ya'll

 I am so excited about fall.  Every time we are driving in the car I ask Ryan what colors are the leaves on the trees.  They are just gorgeous right now with the prettiest yellows, oranges and reds you can imagine.  I love this time of year!  

When I pick Ryan up from school I am usually talking his little ear off asking him all kinds of questions about school.  Usually he is pretty tight lipped and doesn't say much.  Today when we got home I was trying to talk to him and he said "I can't talk to you right now".  Oh my, the teenage years are going to be interesting, ha!  

Tonight we had to run to the mall after naps and Ryan said in the car "talk to me momma".  We ran our errands and headed to CFA for a quick dinner - Matt was working late so we went the easy route. 

I am so excited about fall tv shows.  I don't really want to add any new shows to what I currently watch but I'm excited about some season premieres.  

One of my very favorite shows - The Amazing Race started it's 21st season on Sunday night! I used to say AR was the only reality game show I would ever do but after the contestants repelled from a bridge and ate cow fallopian types in China I have, uhm, changed my mind on that one. 

Tonight the premiere of one of my favorite shows - Giuliana and Bill on Style Network.  I love this show and love this couple.  After invetro and breast cancer they have recently become parents through a gestational carrier and I am so excited for them.  I know, I don't even know them but you feel like you get to know them through their show.  They seem so real and down to earth.  

What are your favorite shows to watch this fall? 

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