Friday, October 5, 2012

Preschool and Sickies

We had a wonderful time at Ryan's preschool open house last night.  Ryan was so sweet showing us his teachers and all the fun crafts he has done in the last few weeks at school.  He was beaming with pride.  It was really cute to watch.  

 Matt really enjoyed seeing his classroom and hearing Ryan talk about all the fun things at school.

 Even though we had a great night at open house,  things did not go so great during the night.  Matt met us for open house but he had to go back to work to finish up some things.  I brought the boys home, gave them baths then put them to bed.  I had an order of 50 cookies to finish so I started working on them.  Twenty minutes later I hear Ryan screaming in his bed so I go tearing up the stairs to find he had thrown up in his bed.  Ryan has never had the stomach bug and only thrown up once when we went to the lake this summer and got car sick.  Poor little guy kept saying last night "I'm sick, I'm sick".  

 (It's been a long time since this little dumpling fell asleep in my arms)

I changed his sheets, gave him another bath and brought him downstairs to chill with me and watch some Disney Junior. I wasn't sure if he would get sick again so I wanted to give it a little time.  Thirty minutes later he got sick again.  It broke my heart to see him get scared and not know what was going on.  

After I finally got Ryan asleep I go in to check on Colton and when I walked in the door I was hit by the awful smell.  Yup, he had it too.  Awesome!  He was sound asleep and it was 11pm by this time so I just left hime there, sleeping in the dry spot, until he woke up.  Did I mention Matt was still at work?  Sure enough Colton got sick again about 30 minutes later so I cleaned him up, changed his sheets and rocked him before putting him back to bed.  Thank the Lord Matt got home around 12:30 and the boys slept soundly until 7am this morning.  

 (Feeling much better this afternoon)

I think the worst is behind us.  No one has gotten sick today!  Praise the Lord!  The boys have been good today.  Eating very little and mostly wanting to cuddle with momma.  We've watched a ridiculous amount of disney junior but hey what are sick days for right?  Would you believe that every October since Ryan was born, except last year, the stomach bug has invaded our home!  I'm exhausted and praying Matt and I don't get this nasty bug.  

Praying for a good sick-free weekend! 

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Kelly M said...

Oh Summer! I hope you had a nice relaxing weekend and that you and Matt were able to avoid getting sick!