Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pinterest and Happy Birthday Papou

 I love Pinterest.  I don't get on there very often because when I do I can't get off.  There are hundreds of ideas from food to home decor to the best way to clean your toilets.  Mom, I will have to introduce you to pinterest over Thanksgiving.  =) 

Sometimes I will look on interest for an hour then look around my house and think ugh..there's so much I want to do and change I feel overwhelmed.  I've decided to take just one project at a time.  

I recently found some pins that I love and want to do around the house.  

I want to do this layout of frames in my breakfast room.  I have two big walls on either side of a window so I need something to fill it. 

Love this idea for my entryway!  

I've been searching for something for the shelf in the boys bathroom.  Love this!

I want to send a big Happy Birthday to Papou today.  We hope he has a wonderful birthday and we look forward to seeing him soon!

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