Thursday, December 22, 2011


My parents got here yesterday from Memphis. We have enjoyed some wonderful family time since they arrived.

This morning we went to Mimi's for lunch. We pretty much don't take Ryan out to eat unless it's chick-fil-a or some place we can get in and out fast. Sometimes he can be really good and sometimes he is awful. Today he was ok. He was definitely acting out in front of his grandparents.

Colton was great. He drank his bottle then chilled in his seat just chatting away.
Colton hanging out with uncle Matt while we made dinner.

My mom feeding Colton his rice cereal. He had been sitting up for the last hour so he was not keen on sitting to eat his cereal. We cut his feeding short and stuck with the bottle. He was so sweet and went to bed easily. Now we are all gathered around watching a Christmas movie. Great end to a great day!

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Heather Joseph said...

Summer!! First of all, Ryan on the scale is hilarious. I love it. WIll is terrified of the thing, so it's good to see he's not the only stinker at the Dr office! Second, how amazing are your pictures? Love how adorable Colton is getting. Too cute. Can't wait to see you at service tomorrow at bring the muzzles, because our boys are NEVER going to stay quiet. I will bring the wine...we could always slip ourselves one would notice, right?!
Love you...