Friday, December 9, 2011

Here Comes Santa Claus

Matt has had a long week at work. He has been working long and hard hours on a project at work. He took off work today to relax a little and hang out with me and the boys. When Matt has a Friday off he loves to go to the no limits cardio class at the gym. It's an intense and great class! I go every Friday so it's fun when he can come.

Since Matt was off we decided it was a good time to take the boys to see Santa. I started prepping Ryan this morning about seeing Santa. He loves to say "Chrisismas" all the time. When I would ask him who we were going to see he would say "Chrisismas". When we come downstairs in the morning he looks at the Christmas tree and says "Chrisismas lights" and then we must turn the lights on.

We got to the mall around 4:30pm but Santa was taking a break until 6pm so we had some time to kill. We grabbed dinner at Chickfila in the mall. After dinner Matt got in line with Colton and I took Ryan to the toy store.

Ryan was HYPER and wanted to run around everywhere.! I about lost my mind! It was exhausting keeping him calm and chill waiting for Santa and then waiting for our pictures afterward. I definitely couldn't have handled both kids without Matt. I'm so thankful he was there. It was crazy and I'm exhausted, ha!

I am so glad that Ryan loved Santa this year. It helped that Santa came out and visited the kids while we waiting in line. Ryan went right up to Santa and sat on his knee. I told him to tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas and he said "tains" (trains).

Colton also did so good. Of course he had to test to make sure it was the real Santa and pulled on his beard, ha!

It was a fun day and I'm so glad to make those special memories with my boys.

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