Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmastime is Here!

Christmas is definitely upon us. I have been in full Christmas decorating mode all weekend. I got the wreaths on the windows and put the new wreath I made, on the front door. It's raining today so I will have to post a picture of my new wreath later this week. I have a few more decorations to finish up today and then I think I will be done. I'm looking forward to making some Christmas cookies later this week!

We finally got our tree up on Saturday. However it was quit the ordeal. It's a prelit tree and when we set it up and turned it on some of the bottom branches were out. Ugh!! What do you do when this happens on a prelit tree? We started looking for missing plugs inside the tree and burned out lights. Loooong story short and about 5 hours later I found a plug I had missed and then we found a light that wasn't in all the way. Finally around 11:30pm our tree was up and all the lights were working.

I think I'm going to decorate the week before Thanksgiving next year since we are always out of town on Tday and I feel so rushed and behind when we get home.

I finished putting on all the decorations on Sunday. I love collecting Christmas ornaments and look forward to getting new ones every year. Here are some of my favorites!

I got this new ornament this year for my birthday. My birthday is 6 weeks before Christmas and my brother's is 3 weeks before. We have a fun tradition of always getting a new hallmark ornament for our birthday each year. This was my "birthday" ornament this year. It's lights up and sings when you hit the button.
This is one of my favorite ornament that has been in our family for many years. When I was in junior/high school my mom and I would get these beautiful hand-painted ornaments at a craft fair we went to every year. This cowboy santa was always one of my favorite finds.

This was my "birthday" ornament last year. I love it because it reminds me of a tennessee Christmas. It plays Deck the Halls.
Matt's Aunt Teresa shares my love of Christmas ornaments. She got Ryan the angel and monkey ornaments last year and the mickey mouse one she got him this year. They are lenox and absolutely beautiful. I will treasure them for a long time.
I have a few of these sweet treats collection ornaments from Hallmark. Since I love to bake and I love sweets these are some of my favorites. Plus they are so pretty and colorful on the tree.
A Charlie Brown Christmas comes on tonight and I'm looking forward to watching it with this cutie pie. I hope he enjoys it as much as his mom and dad does.

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