Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday and MOPS Christmas Party

Today Ryan had his last day of mother's day out for the year. I'm a little sad that he will be off for almost a month before school resumes in January. He loves school. Every morning when I go to get him in his room I ask what are we doing today and he almost always says "go to school". He love his teachers and loves his friends there. I know he is going to miss them over the next few weeks.

I've got some plans for us to do some Christmas crafts over the next couple weeks. I'm so excited for Ryan to really experience Christmas this year.

Ryan was playing with his little people nativity set this afternoon and I picked up Mary and asked him who it was. He promptly said "Mary". Then I picked up Joseph and asked him the same question and he said "Joseph" in his little small voice. He also told me baby Jesus as well. Melt a mother's heart! Nothing makes me happier than to hear him talk about Jesus. Kelly over at Kelly's Korner said it best the other day when she said you can get so caught up in the "fluffy stuff of Christmas" but the most important and real reason for the season is about a baby coming to this earth to be our Savior. I always want our boys to remember that Christmas is about Jesus and giving to others.

Tonight I went to our MOPS Steering Christmas party. It was awesome to get together with all my sweet friends and have some girl time. We laughed, ate yummy food and just had a great time together. These women mean so much to me and I'm SO thankful for every one of them in my life. I took my camera in hopes of getting some fun pics but I totally failed and didn't get one single picture. We were all just too busy talking and eating, ha!

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