Monday, December 19, 2011

Early Christmas

On Sunday we hosted some of Matt's family for a Christmas get together. We won't see them on Christmas day so we wanted to get together with them before the holidays.

My sister in law Erin and her husband Brad were there along with two of Matt's Uncles and their families. We had Chili, corn bread, fruit, salsa, meatballs, to die for chocolate cupcakes and apple cider. It was all so yummy!

Anna, Matt's Uncle Chris' daughter. She is nine months older than Ryan. They played so well together and had a blast. They were running around the whole night.
Matt's cousin Isaac was horsing around with Ryan. You gotta be fast, Ryan is a WILD one!

Ryan hanging out with Uncle Brad. Ryan is pretty fascinated by anything on the iPhone or iPad.
Anna was helping Ryan open presents. Matt's Aunt Teresa is a teacher and she always gets Ryan THE BEST books for Christmas! I love getting books for the kids. I'm so glad Ryan finally loves to read books. He will grab a book and come ask to sit in my lap and read. LOVE!!! Thanks Aunt Teresa!!

And of course I have to add a pic of this cutie pie! Isn't he just yummy? I could seriously eat him with a spoon!!!! He is so sweet and makes the cutest noises. I so don't want him to grow up. How do I stop time??? He is just so sweet right now. I cannot get enough of him!

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