Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ryan is two and a half

Ryan turned two and a half years old today! I can hardly believe it! This is Ryan back in June when he turned two. He has changed SO much! I feel like we were just celebrating his 2nd birthday this summer and awaiting the arrival of sweet baby Colton!

Ryan weighs 29lbs. Wears size 2T and size 7.5 shoe.

He is doing so many new things every day.

His vocabulary grows on a daily basis. He repeats everything we say and is getting better and enunciating his words. It's amazing to me how much his vocabulary has exploded since June. So proud of him. He is really growing into a little boy.

He can now jump with both feet. He loves to do that when we have dance parties in the family room.

He loves his stuffed animals. He has around 15 in his bed. Many times I catch him putting his animals in Colton's swing or bumbo seat. He has such a sweet heart.

He is still my big helper. He loves to help me with the laundry, taking out the trash and feeding the dogs. He loves being a big brother and is always eager to help me with taking care of Colton.

He is so sweet with Colton. He will hug him and give him a kiss when we ask him to. I have him trained well, when I start taking pictures of Colton he will come over and want me to take a picture of him too. He will sit next to Colton for a picture for about 10 seconds and then he's done. ha!

He loves mothers day out on monday and talks about "school" all the time. He will grab his backpack and when I ask him where he's going he will say "going to school".

I'm excited about Christmas this year since it's the first year that Ryan has really "gotten" Christmas. We talk alot about the birth of Jesus and love playing with his little people nativity set.

We are so proud of our sweet first born Ryan Samuel. He is such a good boy and we are blessed to be his parents. He can be challenging as a busy two year old but he is the sweetest boy and we couldn't ask for a better son.

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