Thursday, December 8, 2011

This morning we had our MOPS Christmas meeting this morning. It was so fun to see my friends and celebrate the Christmas season.

Before we left this morning I was trying to get a good picture of the boys. I love Colton's little reindeer onesie. Colton mostly wears Ryan's hand me downs so the few things I do buy him are either monogrammed clothes or a matching outfit.
We came home after MOPS and had lunch. I put the boys down for their nap and jumped on the treadmill to work out. I DVR the Biggest Loser on Tuesday night then watch it when I run. It's one of my favorite shows. It totally motivates me to work harder. I feel like if these people can do it I can so do it. I can't wait to watch the finale next week.

Matt fed Colton for the first time tonight. Well, cereal that is! Colton is doing great eating cereal. I'm so impressed with him. He eats anywhere from 2-3 tablespoons of cereal then a 7 oz bottle.
Ryan is saying so many new things! Today he said to me "hold you" (he wanted me to hold him). I couldn't say no to that! So I carried both boys down the stairs today, around 45 pounds. Colton sneezed in the car and Ryan said "chess you". He was outside looking up and said "stars up in space". I was so impressed. He is learning and saying new things all the time.

And Ryan peed in the potty tonight. I'm not going to get serious about potty training til this spring/summer because I don't think he's ready but I was taking off his diaper getting him ready for his bath and he started to pee. I told him no, stop, lets go pee pee in the potty. So he went right in and peed in his little potty. We clapped and went nuts praising him. So proud of that big boy!

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