Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

Let me first say this post is a major picture overload! Ha!
We had a wonderful Christmas!!! My parents and brother got here last Wednesday and they left this morning. We enjoyed them SO much and can't wait to see them again!

We never get pictures of the four of us so we made sure to get one on Christmas day!
We went to church on Christmas Eve. We put Colton in child care but they didn't have it for Ryan. I was super nervous about Ryan sitting through the service. I came super prepared with snacks, crayons, books...the works! We sat with Ryan's best friend Will thinking they would act well together. Will was great and lasted the entire service. Ryan on the other hand was not so well behaved. He did well during the music but as soon as we sat down he didn't want to sit and I was terrified he was about to run down the aisle. Thank the Lord our childcare coordinator was sitting behind us and whispered to me that we could take Ryan downstairs to childcare if we needed to. Matt picked him right up and took him downstairs. So thankful for that! We enjoyed a great candlelight service! We love our church!

Colton and Ryan's gifts from Santa!

We came home from the Christmas Eve service and ate pizza, cooked pioneer woman mashed potatoes and made strawberry yum yum to take to Christmas dinner.

Ryan opening his presents (and some of Colton's) on Christmas morning!

Ryan loved opening presents but he wanted to play with the toy he just opened!

Santa brought Ryan a train table for Christmas! Whenever I would ask Ryan what he wanted Santa to bring him he would always say trains. Love that boy! He was so excited to come downstairs to see his new train table. He asks to go play with his trains all day now!!!

He LOVES the new art table my parents got him. As you can see it's a easel and also turns into a desk. I cannot wait to do some crafts on his new table. So neat!

This cutie pie just smiled and laughed all morning watching Ryan. He liked his new toys too and even helped open presents.
Matt's favorite Christmas present this year. A Keurig coffee maker from my parents and brother. He was so excited and couldn't wait to brew his first cup. We have been burning it up ever since with coffee and hot chocolate. Ryan keeps pointing to it saying "duffee". He is as mesmerized by it as Matt is.

Aunt Erin holding Colton.

Ryan getting lots of giggles from Uncle Brad.

Ryan's big present from Pappau and Yaya! Check out this awesome tricycle. He loved it and can almost reach the peddles. Can't wait til it gets warmer out and he can ride outside.

It was a great Christmas and so blessed to spend it with our family.

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