Friday, July 29, 2011

Fun Friday

The temps around here have been scorching!!! We've spent most of our time indoors this week but we have ventured out a little for some water play! Ryan asks to go to the pool just about every day. The other day I promised him we could play in his water table after his nap. Two year olds have a great memory. After his nap he was itching to get outside and even brought me his swim shorts to put on!

Ryan had a blast playing in the water! It's always so hard to get him to come inside after he's been playing. So glad he loves the water!

Colton and I hung out in the shade on the deck while Ryan played! He is just so sweet!
I mentioned the other day that Colton loves tummy time! Many times I lay him down on his back and he will begin fussing so I flip him over to his belly and he instantly becomes content. Guess he's like his momma and likes to sleep on his belly.
We are looking forward to a relaxing and low key weekend! We don't have anything on the agenda. We plan to enjoy some time as a family of four!
And lastly these are two of my best friends who live here in Cincy. I know I mention them all the time on the blog but this is Ruth (in the middle) and Anissa (on the right).

Ruth's son Nicholas is two weeks younger than Ryan and her daughter Emelynn (don't you just love that name? So pretty) is five days older than Colton. Anissa's daughter Elizabeth is a month younger than Ryan and her son Quinn is five months old. We all hang out alot and our kids love playing together. It's so fun to have great friends in the same stage of life. They can totally relate to having a sometimes hard to manage, strong-willed two year old and a sweet and sleep depriving newborn! Love these girls and so thankful for their friendship!

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