Friday, July 15, 2011

Party in the Park

Today we went to a birthday party at the park for Ryan's friend Elizabeth!
The weather has finally cooled down (well, not cool but tolerable and in the 80's). The playground was in the shade so it felt great! Ryan had a blast and played the entire time!

Ryan continues to make us laugh and smile and even though he still throws lots of fits and tantrums he is the sweetest little boy. He has been so sweet with Colton and loves to give him kisses! I'm trying to remember to give him some one on one time everyday. That has been challenging! I am so proud of him! I can see him growing up a little bit more every day now that he's a big brother.

Colton was amazing and slept the whole time in the stroller!

We got a baby bijorn (front facing baby backpack if you will) with Ryan but we didn't use it but a few times. I pulled it out of storage and tried it on with Colton this morning! He loved it! I'm sure I will use it alot more this time around.

Miss Elizabeth blowing out her candles!

Ryan REALLY enjoyed his cupcake! He dove in and it was gone in minutes! I have no idea where he gets his sweet tooth, hahaha!!!

Ryan loved this tall spiral slide! I think he climbed up and slide down about 523 times! Made me nervous him being so high but he just laughed and giggled the whole time!

It was a great morning! And now everyone is taking a long afternoon nap!

And do you see this bundle of sweetness??? He has completely captured my heart! He is the sweetest and best baby ever! We can't get enough of him!

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Nathan and Meg said...

I didnt use my "backpack" with Brandon either but I used it all the time with Carson -- especially at the park. I could chase Brandon around and not have to worry about Carson =)