Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Camp

Today was Ryan's first day of summer camp at a local church. Some of my friends had told me about the program and highly recommended it. It's only half a day but they play, sing songs and do crafts.

I decided in June to sign Ryan up for two days a week for the last three weeks of the summer. I knew it would give Ryan something to do and interaction with other kids and it would give me some quality time with Colton.

This is the adorable backpack Colton gave Ryan when he came to meet him in the hospital. Ryan LOVES it. He felt like such a big boy walking into church this morning.

So many moms told me how Ryan would seem so big after I had Colton and they are so right. When I change his diaper I am amazed at how big and grown up Ryan seems. It's funny how kids literally grow up before your eyes. You don't realize it when you see them every day.

On the way home from camp I was talking Ryan's little ear off wanting to hear about his first day of camp but he wouldn't say much. He is saying new words every day but I guess he didn't have much to share today. I know he had fun!

I caught this sweet moment between brothers this afternoon. I walked into the kitchen and when I returned Colton was crying. Ryan was just staring and looking at him. Then he decided he needed his paci. Such a good big brother. He gladly jumped up and clapped his hands when Colton took the paci.

And last night we had the best night since coming home from the hospital. Praise the Lord!!! Colton was having a hard time falling asleep at night because of gas. We changed his formula yesterday to similac sensitive and he did amazing last night. I fed him at 10 and he was asleep by 11:00. He didn't wake up to eat again until 2:45am! Woohoo!!! I was so happy! Then I had to wake him up at 7am to feed him before getting Ryan ready for camp! I'm praying we have more nights like last night! I can handle that!

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