Monday, July 25, 2011

A few Firsts

This weekend we took Colton to church for the first time! We managed to get the kids ready and out the door. We were running a few minutes late but we made it! It's crazy trying to get two kids and a husband ready and out the door so early in the morning! It's so easy to lose your patience and lose focus on what is really important. I'm so thankful for a forgiving husband and even more importantly a forgiving God.

We put Ryan in his sunday school class and we went to the "cry room" to feed Colton. Matt was feeding Colton and all was going great until the very end of his bottle he projectile spit up all over Matt. Bless his heart it was on his shirt and all the way down his pants. I've learned to just deal with it and not get upset over it. Honestly Colton does not spit up half the amount that Ryan did. SO thankful for that!

Ryan is so sweet with his little brother. This morning I was feeding Colton and burping him. Ryan was sitting next to me on the couch watching Mickey Mouse. As I was patting Colton's back he reached over and patted Colton's back with me. It was the sweetest thing. He gets the biggest smile when I tell him "thank you Ryan, you are such a good helper". He is the best big brother!

Ryan has been asking to go to the pool just about every day! We didn't make it this weekend so I decided to take the plunge and take both boys today. It was the first time I have taken them by myself. It was cloudy and the weather has cooled down in the 80's so it was very pleasant outside. Ryan had the best time playing and Colton slept in his stroller the entire time. I just parked Colton near me in the shade while I played with Ryan in the water. It was a beautiful day!

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Kelly M said...

Summer, you are doing such a great job with both boys! You look amazing too! I hope you're able to get some rest and really enjoy that sweet snuggly newborn time.