Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Flying Solo

Thank you all so much for your comments on Colton's pictures. I'm pretty sure I am going to do picture #1 for his announcement.

Yesterday was my first day on my own with both boys. I was nervous about how I would manage two but after a rough night of Colton not sleeping well and getting up multiple times I made it through the day. Aunt Teresa and Aunt BB came over to hang out and brought lunch! I was so glad to have the company and so happy they brought lunch. What a blessing!

After naps we made our first outing to Kroger just the three of us. Colton slept the whole time and Ryan was great. It helped that when we walked in Kroger Ryan started saying "cookie, cookie", haha!

Our sweet friends Matt and Heather came over Monday night and brought us dinner. Their son Will who is one month older than Ryan and their daughter Caroline was just born in May. It's so neat that our families are basically at the same stage in life. It's refreshing also to have someone who is going through the tough times and there to rejoice in the great times.

We haven't known Matt and Heather long but it feels like we've known them forever. We really enjoy their friendship and hanging out together. They are precious!

Ryan and Will both LOVE Mickey Mouse. After dinner they sat together and watched Mickey. I love Will's face in this picture, so funny!

And this is Colton's future wife Caroline! Aren't they just adorable together! They have so much in common already...they both like to eat, sleep and burb, haha!

Today I was so excited to get together with two girlfriends Anissa and Ruth at Anissa's house. Our three oldest kiddos are within a month apart in age. Anissa has baby Quinn who was born in Feb and Ruth just had baby Emelynn 5 days before Colton was born. So neat that our kiddos are the same age.

The three oldest had a blast playing with the toys while us moms chatted and held babies. We kept saying how crazy it was that we just went from three to six kids! So fun! So thankful to have these sweet girls in my life!
So far I feel good about this two kid thing. Colton was having some gas issues last night so he was up alot. This morning I fed him at 7 then got ready for the day. While Colton took a nap I got Ryan up, dressed and fed him breakfast. And of course got the dogs taken care of and fed. I was impressed that I got us all up, ready and out the door by 9:30 this morning. It was a good day!!!

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