Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Family Time

We are just crazy about and so in love with this sweet little boy! He is the best baby and so easy!
We have been so blessed to have had my parents and brother here since Colton was born.

Thanks to his Nana this little fella loves to be held! My mom will definitely go through withdrawal when she gets home. She was such a help with feedings and even stayed up a few nights with him so Matt and I could catch up on sleep.

I loved hearing Ryan say "Nana, Nana" every morning when she would walk in the room. It's so neat that he recognizes his Nana! My mom is just crazy about Ryan and he loves his Nana!

My parents have been here with us since right after Colton was born. We have SO appreciated their help especially with Ryan but also cleaning, cooking and helping take care of Colton. I don't think I would have made it this past week without their help. I would have been completely overwhelmed! I still worry about being overwhelmed once I'm on my own. I'm SO happy that Matt is taking the rest of the week off so I get a few more days of help!

Colton's Papau and Yaya came to visit him over the weekend! They got some good newborn love! Of course Ryan loved seeing them as well!

We have loved having family around over the last week! We are looking forward to settling in to our new normal as a family of FOUR! Hard to believe we have TWO sweet and adorable boys! Just love them to pieces!

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