Monday, July 11, 2011

Good Weekend

We had a great weekend around here! It was great to have some family time with just the four of us!

Friday I decided to take some newborn pics of Colton. We had his official newborn shoot on Tuesday but he would not fall asleep. We got some cute pics but I saw this pose and wanted to try it!

Ryan has been so good with Colton. He loves to come over and give him kisses or hold his hand. We've only had a few jealous moments thank goodness. Before Sunday this was the best picture I could get of them together, haha!
Saturday Matt and I took the boys to the splash park! It was somewhat crowded but Ryan had a blast playing! Matt enjoyed running after him while I chilled with Colton in the shade. Colton slept the entire time we were there.

Saturday night Matt and I went on a date to celebrate our five year anniversary! We had a great time and enjoyed just sitting and chatting!

So in love with this cutie pie!

Yesterday Ryan decided he wanted to hold Colton. I was feeding Colton and Ryan was watching Mickey Mouse (he has become the biggest Mickey fan lately and asks all the time to watch "icky" on tv). Matt grabbed the camera and captured the first real picture of Ryan and Colton. It only lasted a few seconds but glad we got a picture of it!

Colton got his second bath this weekend! I know, he's two weeks old and he's only had two baths at home? Well it's not like he gets dirty like a busy two year old, ha! Plus the pedi said he still had a small stump left of his umbilical cord and not to bath him for a few days.

Colton absolutely loves the bath!

This sweetie is doing so well! We are working on a schedule this week! Little man is sleeping awesome the last few days. He is taking a bottle every three hours during the day and then takes a late evening bottle around 10 or 11. He wakes up between 2-3am then again between 6-7am. Ryan adapted very quickly to the schedule and would wake just once in the middle of the night. I'm praying Colton will be the same way! He is such a good baby!

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