Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend of Rest

I am so thankful we had a quiet and low key weekend! Saturday was rainy and yuck all-day-long! We stayed inside in our pj's and made pancakes for breakfast. It was a nice day to spend some family time together!

Saturday night we attempted to check out a new restaurant in town but there was a thirty minute wait! We didn't want to chance it with Ryan so we ended up going to McAllister's then had some Graeter's ice cream for dessert! Yum! Ryan LOVES him some ice cream!

Today we went to church and came home for lunch. Matt caught us in our little tickle fest! Ha!

We put Ryan down for his nap and then Matt and I laid in bed and watched tv. It was so nice and relaxing to just chill and not be busy cleaning or doing laundry. We had a rough week last week so I'm optimistic that we are going to have a great week. Ryan is trying to say more words but it's very frustrating for both of us when I don't know what he wants. He's at a hard age right now but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

One of my favorite things he does now is he will give us kisses. He started about a month ago giving his monkey's kisses when we would ask him and now he will give us a kiss when we ask. Oh I just absolutely love it!!!! It's the most precious thing!!!! We are just crazy about that boy!!!


Tiff said...

KISSES are the BEST!!!!! LOVE the pic of the two of you.. we gotta get together soon! We miss you guys!

Queen Bee said...

My youngest is 19 months old and I also find it difficult to communicate with him sometimes since he says very little. He will get so frustrated when I can't figure out what he's trying to say - but fortunately this phase will pass quickly once their vocab is up and running! :-)