Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend of firsts

We had a fun weekend of many firsts around here. Saturday we went to the zoo with some our friends and did a 19-24 month old class where you get to see animals up close and personal. The first animal we got to see was a chinchilla - think that's the right spelling. It was super soft and Ryan really liked petting him.

The next animal we got to see was a baby alligator! I do not like reptiles at all and I was terrified she was going to pull out a snake! I'm HATE of snakes!!! I was relieved she pulled out an alligator. Ryan was so good and wasn't scared at all. He enjoyed feeling the alligator and touching his tail.

It was such a neat class and I'm really glad we did it. We are planning to do another one in May! I'm so excited about spring and looking forward to going to the zoo more. It was pretty chilly Saturday morning so we didn't spend too much time there after the class. We have a great zoo and Ryan loves animals so I know he will love the zoo this spring/summer!

Today we decided today was the big day for Ryan to get his first haircut! Matt was dreading it but I was optimistic that Ryan would do well. Here Ryan is getting settled into the race car and watching mickey mouse.

And then this is where the fun began... As soon as she put the cap around him he freaked out!!!!! He was NOT excited about being there and could care less that mickey mouse was on the tv. I was pulling out all my tricks. I started with chips, he didn't want them. Then I tried a cookie, nope, didn't want that either, ha! I tried a game on my cell phone but he was not having it. He was screaming his head off and tears were flowing. He was so mad! I was afraid he was scaring all the other kids waiting.
Thankfully it only lasted a total of about 10 minutes and we were done. Ryan got a cookie and balloon at the end and was happy once she stopped cutting. Needless to say it was a little more traumatic than I anticipated but I'm very glad we did it. He looks so much better and so handsome!
He looks so grown up now and like such a little boy! I will post a picture tomorrow of his new do. It was a great weekend of many firsts!

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kimmie said...

How sweet...his first haircut!! Can't wait to see his new do!!