Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Fever

It was an absolute beautiful day here. It actually got up 70 degrees. Everyone was out enjoying the spring weather! I am so ready for spring and warmer temps.

This morning we headed to the park for some play time. We were supposed to meet our friends Anissa and Elizabeth but E was sick so we were solo.

Ryan had a blast playing and loved running around. Playgrounds are so much more fun now that he can run around and play. We decided to try to have lunch at Panera but that turned into a disaster. Ryan started off well but soon he was not interested in eating anything and just wanted to play with his food. Sometimes he's really good when we eat out and sometimes he's really bad. He hasn't been in the best mood the last couple days (just fussy and throwing lots of tantrums) so it probably wasn't a smart idea on my part to eat lunch out. You live and learn right!

This afternoon was gorgeous so we went for a walk in the neighborhood to our pond. Ryan loves to see the geese and ducks at the pond. Usually we take the wagon up and then Ryan likes to walk back. He loves to watch the geese and ducks and I think he says "geese".

Tonight I went to our MOPS book club girls night out. The book was "Water for Elephants" but I actually haven't read it haha, but I am in the process of reading it now. I just started it this week and I'm liking it so far. It was such a great time to hang out with friends and just have some girl time.

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