Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sweet friends and fun cookies

Today we didn't have Bible Study because of spring break so our friends Tiffany and Presley came over to play! Ryan loves playing with Presley. He was running around the house so excited. They were so funny and played so hard! I'm so excited that Ryan will have a little brother that he will get to play with.
We let the kids play for a couple hours then we went down to The Works to have lunch. The Works is a little eclectic place in downtown Loveland that we love to go eat. It's a family run place and nice to have around the corner. It was yummy and the kids did so well!
This picture makes me laugh! Ryan was playing so hard his pants were falling down so I told him to pull up his pants. And that's what he was doing, ha!

They sat in the chair for a long time watching Mickey Mouse. They were so cute drinking from their cups and hanging out! We enjoyed spending some fun time with our sweet friends!

Ryan slept in this morning so I wasn't sure how well he would nap but we got home a little after 1 and he was out like a light until 4pm. I think he must be going through a growth spurt or something because this boy is loving his sleep lately! No complaints here!!!

Here are the cookies I made this past weekend! They turned out so cute! These were for a zoo/animal themed first birthday party!
I think these strawberries might be my favorite cookies so far! They were so cute and fun to do! And of course it made me think of my days in ZTA!


Angela said...

don't you have a "cookie blog?" if so, what is the address?

Leslie Robus said...

i LOVE the strawberries!!

Summer and Matt said...

I do have a cookie blog! It's http://summerssweettreats.blogspot.com

Thanks! =)