Friday, March 11, 2011

Play time

We have had a great day here but I must say my thoughts and prayers are on the people of Japan. I was shocked like most people when I woke up this morning to the devastating news of the deadly earthquake and tsunami.

This morning we went to Tumblebees. Ryan had a blast and it was a good workout keeping up with him. After we went to visit my friend Anissa, Elizabeth and Baby Quinn. Quinn is just two weeks old and is just precious! I loved getting to hold him. Elizabeth and Ryan ate lunch and had the best time playing. I'm so thankful Ryan has friends around his age to play with.
Before we left I told Ryan to tell Elizabeth bye bye. He waved and said bye bye. I asked Ryan to give Elizabeth a kiss and sure enough he leaned over and gave her a sweet little kiss. It was so sweet. So wish I had caught it on camera but I didn't have it with me!
Ryan played hard at Elizabeth's house. We came home and he took a great nap!

Tonight we played and relaxed at home. Matt got chinese take out for dinner and it was nice to just chill at home. Ryan was so silly and in such a loving mood! He kept hugging and kissing us. It was so sweet! And tonight while I was reading him his bedtime story he "roared" when I pointed out the lion. He's so smart!

We've got a list of things we need to do this weekend. I'm mostly looking forward to hanging out with my boys!

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