Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat

Ryan was truly the cutest pumpkin tonight for his first halloween! I put his costume on him and he was so stinkin cute! Ryan is a little too young to trick or treat since he can't even eat candy, ha but we wanted to dress him up for his first halloween.

We headed out to Uncle Steve and Aunt Teresa's house in 'burg to hang out with family and hand out candy.

We got there just in time to eat some beef stew and to get geared up for the kiddos. They have TONS trick or treaters.

Ryan was soooo good. He loved seeing all the kids dressed up. He even took about a 45 min. nap in my arms. He was all bundled up and warm in his pumpkin costume.

He stayed up past his bedtime tonight but since we turn our clocks back I'm hoping he will sleep til around his normal wake up time.

Such a happy baby!
He was just an angel today and just totally steals my heart every day!

Pretty content with Uncle Steve!

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Kelly M said...

Oh I love how cute and snuggly Ryan looks in his costume! Just perfect for a little guy his size.