Thursday, October 29, 2009

rolling, rolling, rolling

It's official....

Ryan rolled from his belly to his back today!

We were hanging out this afternoon and Ryan needed some tummy time so I flipped him over on his belly. He was holding his head up really well. He stayed like that for a little while then he used his right arm to just push himself over. I couldn't believe it. I rolled him back over to his belly and got the video camera.

And he did it again!

I'm so proud of him! He is so close to rolling from his back to his belly. I don't want him to do that yet. He rolls his legs over to the side and kicks. I'm so worried he will roll onto his belly at night and not be able to roll back over. I know I need to just need to trust God but that's hard with this momma! He is the Lord's and I know his little life is in HIS hands!

He also sat up by himself for a few min. today. I used the boppy to give him support and he actually sat for a short time. Of course this means he spits up everywhere but it's so neat to see him do new things.

So excited about this little pumpkins first halloween. We will have lots of pics to add from the weekend.

Ryan chillin in his exausaucer while I cooked dinner. It was only his 2nd time in it and he didn't know what to think about all those toys. They definitely captured his attention.

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