Friday, October 23, 2009

Teething and Pumpkins

Yesterday afternoon Ryan woke up screaming from his nap. I was down stairs folding some laundry so I went up and checked on him. He was still "asleep" - his eyes were still shut and I put his paci back in and he calmed down. I went back downstairs thinking he would go right back to sleep but 5 min. later he was screaming again. I went up and he found his hand and started sucking. He immediately calmed down but was only good for about 5 min. He continued to do this for about 20 min. He had only slept about 30-45 min. and had no morning nap. When I picked him up he actually "woke" up and was just no happy. I thought for a moment about some recent behaviors...putting everything in his mouth, sucking in his bottom lip and gumming (moving his jaw up and down like he is knawing on something).

I've come to the conclusion that Ryan is in the early stages of teething. I don't expect a tooth to appear next week but I know it can be a long process.

Thankfully he slept GREAT last night and didn't fuss one time. I woke up paranoid something was wrong but he was sound asleep. He had a good nap today and slept for about an hour and half. He also took an hour morning nap.

I just love this pic! Such a cute expression.

We have a full weekend including game night with our old small group saturday night and celebrating Matt's Dad's 60th birthday on sunday. Hope we can also carve our pumpkins with the neighbors this weekend.

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