Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Little Ham

This little boy loves to ham it up! I usually will try to whip out the camera and capture it but Ryan gets distracted. However I was super excited I got this pic of him hamming it up. I just love talking to him and getting him to laugh. It's the sweetest sound in the world.

Ryan loves to stick his fingers in his mouth and can now stick both hands in his mouth at one time. I was trying to capture it on camera but he pulled them out before I could get a pic. He usually will suck on whatever part of his hand he finds but I notice alot of times he sucks on his two first fingers. He still hasn't found his thumb.

Do you see the spit up all down his front?

Poor little guy!

This is our normal daily occurrence in our household. As you all know Ryan is a spitter. He is getting easier to burp these days and doesn't seem to spit up as much when he burps. The spit up comes after he has eaten and I put him down like on the floor, jumperoo, swing etc...

I love Ryan in blue. I think it's his color.
Matt loves blue as well!

I kept saying the word "moose" when he had this shirt on and he thought it was hilarious! Totally adorable!

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Kelly M said...

So cute! Even with the spit up!