Friday, October 16, 2009

One Silly Monkey

I love this silly monkey! He puts a smile on my face every day!

Not too much to report on around here. This week has been pretty low key but been a good week. It's super cold out and below the average for this time of year. It's been cloudy and rainy all week which makes me want to stay home and snuggle under a warm blanket.

We did go to Joseph-Beth Bookstore on Wednesday morning for story time. They have a great set up in the children's section with steps for the kids to sit on. They not only read books but also sing songs. I know Ryan is still young and doesn't know what is going on but I think he enjoyed getting out and seeing other kids. I can definitely see us going to story time more as Ryan gets older.

This week is the second week I have been putting Ryan down in the afternoons for a nap. He eventually goes to sleep but he doesn't always go down easily. I will say we are VERY blessed with how great he goes down at night. I read him a story after bathtime and lay him down in his crib and he "talks" for a couple minutes and then he's out. Hardly ever do I have to go back into his room once I put him down. Nap time is another story. Today he did not want to nap even though I could tell he was sooooo tired. I laid him down a little before 2 and I stayed in his room til almost 2:15 trying to get him to fall asleep. Once I left the room and let him cry a little he finally fell asleep. I thought "he's gonna be down for a while, he was wearing himself out crying so". Not so much! I went downstairs to do my workout and had 5 min. left on my workout and the poor little boy is screaming his head off. At least he did sleep a little over an hour.
Last weekend we purchased a treadmill and they delivered it on Thursday. I am so excited about this machine. We belong to a great gym but we live about 20 min. from it. With this new treadmill I can get my workout done while Ryan is napping or after he goes to bed. I've used it the past two days when Ryan napped in the afternoon and it was awesome. Love, love love it!!!

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