Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy boy

I can't believe I have a four month old! He is growing up so fast on me! I can't wait to go to the pediatrician tomorrow and find out just how big our sweet boy is!

We had a great weekend! Yesterday we hung out in our pj's all morning and watched college football. UT was on a bi-week so we were watching other SEC games. Ryan enjoys watching the games but he also loves watching anything on tv, ha! Last night we ventured to Outback for dinner with Ryan. We were eating with the early birds since we went right after Ryan's 4pm bottle. Ryan did AWESOME and was totally content playing with his little toys in his car seat. And of course dinner was great! We finished off the night watching the South Carolina v. Alabama game.

Tonight we had some new friends over for dinner. Their son is just 2 weeks younger than Ryan. Hope they will become good buds down the road. It was fun fellowship and the boys were great! Ryan is sound asleep now and hoping we all get a good nights rest!

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