Friday, February 8, 2013


So last night I had a girls night out.  I went to get my hair cut then met my sweet friends, Laura and Jayne, for dinner.  

The last couple weeks my patience has been tested and I've just felt a little overwhelmed in the parenting department.  Ryan is in a "I want to do it" stage which drives me bonkers but I know he will get over it soon and be agreeable again.  And Colton has started some of these same strong willed traits.  Fun times!

When I'm in those frustrating moments I just try to take a minute, pause and pray God would give me the patience I need.  When I stop, I remember how patient God is with me.  Lately I've been hitting the snooze button when my alarm goes off early in the morning and bypassing my quiet time.  I have felt the lack of a quiet time over the last few days.  I'm snappier and not very much fun to be around. 

Today during nap time I spent time in The Word and it was so good for my soul.  Last night spending time with dear friends and just getting out of the house and getting a break from cooking dinner, cleaning up and putting the boys to bed was so nice a very needed.  

I'm hoping to get my focus back and doing my quiet time in the morning.  It makes such a huge difference in my life.  Thank you Lord that tomorrow is a new day!

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