Monday, February 25, 2013

Party Weekend

We had a full weekend of birthday parties.  Saturday morning Ryan and I headed to our friend Bret's house for a fun circus fourth birthday party.  Bret is one of Ryan's best friends and they always have the best time playing.  (Bret is the one in the clown outfit)

When we got there Bret's dad was dressed like a clown.  Ryan was not so sure about that but he was a good sport.  He high-tailed it down to the basement to play with Bret's toys.  

The kids enjoyed eating pizza and everyone's favorite - Cake!

Sunday we went to a birthday party for our friend Cooper at Recreations Outlet.  The party was from 3-5 so I put Ryan down around 1:30 thinking he wouldn't fall asleep before I would get him up at 2:30 but surprisingly he fell asleep within 20 minutes.  Oh well, he was so excited to go to the party.  

He loves the indoor playground and his favorite part is the bouncy house.  He had the time of his life playing and running around.  He played on all the equipment and loved jumping on the trampoline.  

Colton and Matt came later since C was napping.  Colton was so excited to played and had fun jumping with Ryan.  He was a pro at climbing up the playground (which makes me so nervous) and going down the slide.  

 Are you ready for spring???  I am SO ready for spring and can't wait for it to get warm outside.  The boys are going to have a blast playing on the swing set this summer and riding bikes.  

I can tell I'm ready for spring because I've been shopping online for spring/summer clothes.  The boys are pretty much set I think, but of course I love all the new stuff coming out.  Come on spring days!


Courtney said...

I am ready for spring. This crazy Ohio weather is driving me crazy. I have been wanting to take my niece and nephew to Recreations Outlet. What was your opinion on it?

Summer said...

Recreations Outlet is great! They have many days during the week they have free play. It's definitely worth checking out. What part of Ohio do you live?