Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ode to the Pancake

Tonight Matt had class so I decided to take the boys to IHOP to celebrate National Pancake Day!  You  got a short stack of pancakes for FREE!  I heard about it this morning and told Ryan that if he ate a turkey sandwich for lunch and was good the rest of the day we would go get pancakes for dinner.  

Ryan was so excited and of course Colton felt the enthusiasm as well.  

Someone enjoying his pancakes.  
Ryan is the pickiest eater on the planet but he loves pancakes and chips and salsa.  We went to a super bowl party at a friends house on Sunday and Ryan inhaled some homemade salsa.  Hey, it's veggies right!

This little cutie enjoyed some pancakes as well, not as much as his big brother but her liked them.  This is his "cheese" face.  Cracks me up!  As soon as I pull out the camera he pulls out this face!  Love him. 

And did I mention that I am SO excited about my favorite favorite show's season premiere is tonight!! Oh I'm so excited.  
I loved, loved, loved Smash last year and season two starts tonight.  

I LOVE broadway and it's a drama based on actors performing on broadway.  Love the music, the acting and the storyline.  

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